March "Break"

Today was my first day of a week-long staycation! No sunny climes for me this March, but I hope that everyone who has gone south this week soaks up the sunshine and culture of the wonderful places that welcome Canadian tourists in droves every winter. For those of us who remain at home, it seems that March Break always throws us a mixed bag of weather (and precipitation) for the entire week! Last year I recall three snow storms during this week. This year is not much different with one already past and at least one more due before the weekend. 

But today was beautiful - almost sunny, and with light winds. After two days of being cooped up in the house because of the bitter cold, Lucci and I went for a loooooooong walk at the beach this morning. After lunch, I sat on the deck in the sunshine and listened to Mexican internet radio while Lucci played with his sticks in the backyard. And since the clocks sprang forward an hour Saturday night, we were also able to go for an evening walk without the need of reflective gear and a flashlight!

Lucci out on a walk

Lately I've been obsessing over carbs as I attempt to lose a few kilos over the next month or so leading up to this year's Eco-challenge with my Taco-Bellies teammate B-dawg. I have completely embraced cloud bread and have made six batches since my last post (half of it I froze). So far this week cloud bread has embraced sandwiches, supported mini-pizzas, and this afternoon it wrapped itself around a chicken taco for this taco belly.

cloud-bread taco with salsa Chimay (extra-picante!)

So even though I am not sunbathing on the playa this week, I still managed to enjoy a little bit of Mexico this afternoon thanks to K Buena Radio and one of the last bottles of Chimay left in the cupboard from my last trip to Playa a year and a half ago. Does anyone know how many carbs are in a tequilita? Ojala que no hayan muchos!

me with my alter ego